Community Education Center

The Fort Richardson New Community Education Center (COMC) was one of the first design-build Task Orders issued under NCI’s five year MATOC contract with the USACE. The COMC is an attractive multi-story, 50,200 sq. ft. facility housing the post library, lecture halls, education classrooms, a very sophisticated distance learning center linked worldwide (including forward battle locations), and administrative and support space for all of these services. Since design-build was new to the USACE, the NCI team guided the government team through the process of expedited reviews, incremental reviews and construction phasing, and fast-tracking methodology in general, all with great success. The New Community Education Center was so well-received by the Base Commanding Officer and the USACE that it has been considered a model for similar facilities worldwide. The project was completed ahead of schedule, and through close collaboration amongst NCI, our design team, the USACE, and the end user we were able to provide several very important enhancements to the project without increasing the budget.