Dental, Behavioral Health and Optometry Clinic

NCI was selected for this project because of our strong background in design-build and our long history of successful projects for Southcentral Foundation. As the various departments discussed their needs and space considerations, the project grew from 10,000 to 55,000 sq. ft. NCI worked closely with the owner and architects Kumin Associates, Inc. and Sjoquist Architects, Inc. (a Dental Clinic Specialist) to help perfect the design and budget to best meet the clinic’s needs. Working vigorously through the seasons, we completed the project in June of 2003 on-time and under budget, much to the surprise of Southcentral Foundation and to the benefit of the Native Alaskan community. The first floor of this beautiful facility is over a fully enclosed parking garage and contains 27 dental operatories, 18 chairs for exams and full service dental care, 4 operatories specializing in oral surgery, and 5 operatories for orthodontic care. The X-ray services are state of the art. The clinic is one of the first in the state to have digital technology, allowing the dental records be downloaded onto computers for easy transmission all over the United States. The second floor houses Optometry Services, a comfortable facility with 12 patient rooms adjoined by a corridor that guides patients in a circular pattern between the pre-test rooms, exam rooms, and then back to the patient waiting room. The third floor contains the Behavioral Health Clinic.