Image Drive-Reflection Drive

Consisting of approximately 17,085 C.Y. of Excavation; 27,237 Tons of Classified Fill and Back fill; 2,710 L.F. of Curb and Gutter Removal; 6,871 S.Y. of Pavement Removal; 820 Tons A.C. Pavement; 2,713 L.F. Curb and Gutter Installation; 7 Curb Ramp Installations; 63,000 S.F. Insulation Installation (R-9); 4,950 S.F. Insulation Installation (R-4.5); 913 S.Y. P.C.C. Sidewalk (Varying Thickness); 301 S.F. Interlocking Concrete Pavers; 814 L.F. of Storm Drain Pipe (various sizes); 1,422 LF of Sub-drain Pipe; 49 Footing Drain Services (Various Types); 19 Storm Drain Manholes (Various Types); 7 Catch Basins; 2 OGS Structures; Settling Basin Reconstruction; Creek Channel Reconstruction, 9 Roadway Luminaries; 2 Type 1A Load Centers; 420 L.F. Heat Trace; Landscaping and related work.