Anchorage Car Rental Center  Testimonial


Dear Committee Members:

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we recommend Neeser Construction, Inc. as the recipient of your design-build award for its construction of the rental car consolidated facility at Anchorage International Airport. The design of the facility with its open expanse of lobby space captures the spirit of Alaska and complements the newly constructed International Terminal.

Customers arriving at Anchorage International Airport can access the facility through an underground tunnel from the Main Terminal or by walking across the street in good weather. Once inside the two story glass lobby, customers have a view of all the renal car companies giving them a one stop shopping experience.

This new rental car facility has increased and improved the level of customer service by providing customers with great climate control space impervious to the elements. Prior to its construction, customers were exposed to the elements either at the time of renting their vehicles or when returning the car to the airport. The rental cars operated from a combination of facilities inside an existing garage and outside in an adjacent parking lot.

The new structure has also improved rental car operations by providing washing and fueling capacity within and contiguous to the facility. The ability to wash/fuel vehicles within the facility has eliminated customer wait times because there is always a ready supply of clean cars. Prior to the new facility, cars had to be washed and fueled at remote service sites either on airport land or outside the airport. As a result, customers frequently had to wait for their rental cars.

Rental car operations have also improved by a facility that provides complete operational space within the structure. Employees can proceed from function to function without losing time and wasting effort. The facility also provides administrative space which further improves operations by reducing duplication of efforts in two separate areas. Finally, the new facility has been a tremendous boost to employee work experience. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Connie G. Gurich
Director, Properties

-Connie G. Gurich Director, Properties, The Hertz Corporation