Anchorage City Hall  Testimonial

Municipality of Anchorage

Dear Mr. Neeser,

I would like to extend a personal “THANKS” for a job well done on the new City Hall construction project. The ability of your company to perform was noticed right from the beginning during phase onn to move the centralized computer system to an offsite location. Neeser Construction came through by completing that $1 million project for the Communication and Data Center at the Dimond Facility under budget and in an extraordinary short time frame. The Municipal estimate for the project was 12 to 15 months, and your company was able to complete the renovation within 90 days and under budget.

That phase definitely set a positive tone for the construction of City Hall. During this multi-million dollar project, the Municipality received excellent day-to-day cooperation from Neeser Construction. In addition to receiving quality workmanship on the new City Hall, your employees responded to our needs as if they were part of the Municipal organization.

I commend you for having excellent quality employees working for Neeser Construction. From your laborers to your top foreman, we were impressed with how courteous and how well your company responded to the needs of the employees moving back into the new and attractive City Hall. The end result of your efforts include a new functional and attractive City Hall and satisfied employees. The employees finally have a workplace that they can be proud of.

We believe that with the quality of employees and the positive attitude they display that your future business ventures will be as successful as this construction project.


Joe Beauchamp, Director
Property & Facility Management

-Joe Beauchamp, Director Property & Facility Management, Municipality of Anchorage