Anchorage Cooperative Linen Service  Testimonial

Foussard Econ Lab

Dear Gerry :

Now that we have the opportunity to sit back and review the activities of the past few months, we would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for your commitment with the reconstruction of the Anchorage Cooperative Linen Service facility.

As we have the opportunity to discuss this project during April, May and also the early part of June, it is obvious that many people have made a major commitment in order to achieve the desired results within a very limited time schedule. Your commitment and the abilities of your staff are to be acknowledged and for your efforts we, at Foussard Econ Lab, are extremely grateful.

As a result of your efforts, we have been able to reconstruct this entire facility within a forty-nine day period and in doing so have been able to retain the customer base on which we rely to sustain this business entity.

Once again we express our sincerest appreciation and would welcome the opportunity to work with you once again on future projects.


Tom Washbrook
Vice President Engineering