Lousaac-Sogn Building  Testimonial

Kuskokwim Corporation


This letter will serve to introduce Jerry Neeser, general contractor and owner of Neeser Construction, Inc.

Our company contracted Neeser Construction to construct a commercial office building on the corner of Ninth Avenue and N Streets in Anchorage. In addition, Mr. Neeser’s company remodeled our offices in the Lousaac-Sogn building in Anchorage.

I would recommend Neeser Construction, without reservation, for any project that they saw fit to bid or negotiate. My recommendation is based not only on the experience I have had in working with Jerry but also on my own knowledge of the construction business as the wife of a general contractor and as a developer, myself.

Jerry Neeser is an outstanding, exceptional general contractor, in every aspect of the business. His price is highly competitive. He has a thorough understanding of every phase of a development, and he freely gives of his time in any area that needs attention, whether or not it happens to fall within the purview of his contract. He is sensitive to the owner’s needs and maintains close communication throughout the project to assure that the owner is fully advised and getting full benefits available (i.e., on our office building project, he took additional time to check into the cost benefits of installing removable lighting from the standpoint of potential tax benefits).

Neeser builds sound, quality buildings; nothing is sacrificed in the construction to cut costs or speed up schedules. And, schedules established are maintained throughout the project.

Jerry Neeser is not just another carpenter who decided to go into business for himself. He is an efficient administrator, a successful personnel manager who hires good people and keeps them, a good businessman and a quality builder.

It has been a refreshing and pleasant experience to do business with someone that can be trusted and relied upon.

I would be happy to provide any additional information on Mr. Neeser and/or Neeser Construction, Inc. that may be needed.



Janet Fredericks
General Manager

-Janet Fredericks General Manager, Kuskokwim Corporation