Primary Care Clinic  Testimonial


Dear Jerry,

Since NBBJ is a large Architectural Firm we have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and most qualified contractors in the country. We do more Healthcare Architecture then any other firm in the country. Through the construction process we often spend large amounts of time trying to assure a level of acceptable quality with the construction team. It is rare and, therefore, of extreme significance to be able to complete a a complicated project and state that the quality is exceptional. Even more extraordinary is when it is easy for the Architectural team to achieve this quality.

The site construction team of Neeser Construction, headed by superintendent Royal Fields and a very competent core crew of foremen, Glenn Kolberg, Bill Marquardt, and Steve Fischetti, were committed to excellence that was far beyond any experience we have ever had before. Royal and his team solved the project challenges before they became problems, looking ahead and resolving them in a collaborative manner and avoiding crisis management. If a portion of work was not meeting expectations for quality it only had to be pointed out once. By the next meeting, the Neeser team had spotted every similar situation and was correcting them all. Royal and his core crew would portray this attitude to all the subcontractors on the site. Subcontracts all respected and followed the General Contractor’s lead in maintaining a very orderly site and minimizing conflicts between trades.

Like any large construction project there were issues that needed to be resolved throughout construction. However, unlike most projects, the construction team usually had thought about the problem and had a few potential solutions. From the start of the job there was an attitude to jointly solve any issue that arose in a way that would benefit the project. It was not unusual that items that needed to be modified of clarified during construction came to a better design solution then the originally documented design.

NBBJ could not be happier with the realization of the design. Since a terrific job should not be left unsung it is important that you know that here at NBBJ everyone that worked on the Southcentral Foundation Primary Care Clinic project in unison is taking our hats off and bowing to Royal, Glenn, Bill, and Steve and saying “Thank you for a job well done!”


Chuck Kolb

-Chuck Kolb, NBBJ