Tyonek Terrace

Tyonek Terrace is a 39,860 square foot, 39-unit senior apartment complex located on approximately 2.5 acres at the end of Peck Street off Muldoon Road within Cook Inlet Housing Authority’s existing elder campus.  The project consists of 34 one-bedroom (approximately 610 square feet) and 5 two-bedroom (approximately 996 square feet) units.   The project is fully accessible to persons with disabilities as required under the Fair Housing Act.  Two of the units are “fully equipped” and all units will be wired for use by persons with sight and or hearing impairments.

35 of the 39 units serve elders between 33% and 60% of the area median income.  Four of the units are “unrestricted” or available to elders regardless of income.

In addition to the apartment units, the property includes a central lobby and lounge area, a community room and tenant use kitchen, a tv room, library and a “grandchildren playroom.”  There will also be private sitting areas, individual storage areas for each tenant, laundry facilities on each floor, heated sidewalks and secure entrances.  The facility also incorporates many elder-friendly design features such as adjustable shower fixtures, low-glare flooring and front-mounted appliance controls.