Goose Creek Correctional Center

Neeser Construction, Inc (NCI) recently completed a $223 million Design-Build contract with the Matanuska-Susitna Borough for the Goose Creek Correctional Center.  Jerry Neeser began assembling a top-notch design team almost two years prior to the issuance of the RFP.  This foresight enabled NCI and its design team to establish a work plan for approaching the RFP response, early on.  The established team approach gave NCI a significant advantage over our competitors.

The project is constructed on a 150 acre site.  There are five separate structures that have a combined cumulative square footage of approximately 450,000sf.  The structures are: General Population Housing (GPH), Support Services (SV), Outside Administration (OA), a Warehouse (WH), and a Vehicle Maintenance Shop (VMS).  The facility has capacity for 1536 inmates.

Two structures; General Population Housing, and Support Services are inside a secure perimeter created by a double shaker fence system.  These two buildings make up most of the building square footage of the facility.  GPH and SV were constructed using tilt-up concrete wall panels, and structural steel.  The tilt-up panels at GPH are insulated “sandwich” panels which provide the hardened wall surfaces required within the housing units as well as thermal protection.  The SV panels are standard tilt-ups.  All panels were site cast by NCI crews.

The three remaining structures: Outside Administration and Warehouse, and Vehicle Maintenance are sited outside the secure perimeter and were constructed using brace frame structural steel with insulated architectural metal panel wall systems.  The inside and outside buildings are designed to create a campus-like appearance, and function.

From clearing and grubbing through final cleaning and commissioning NCI over 600 Alaskan’s were employed for the construction of the Goose Creek Correctional Center.

The design work was an integrated collaborative effort that included consistent review and input from the Owner; Matanuska-Susitna Borough, and the end user; State of Alaska Department of Corrections.  The design-build work began in September of 2008.  General Population Housing and Support Services were enclosed and dried-in by the end of the 2009 construction season which allowed for progression of the interior work through the harshest winter weather.  Weather is an essential consideration when scheduling projects in Alaska.  The Goose Creek Correctional Center was fully commissioned and turned over to the Matsu Borough and the Alaska Department of Corrections in September of 2011, six months ahead of schedule.