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Neeser Construction, Inc is a leading General Contracting firm with an extensive portfolio of successful projects. We target, acquire, develop, and build by blending real estate development and design-build construction expertise into one unique package. We have experience in the private sector, federal, state, and local governments, and public/private partnerships.

With over 40 years of business, NCI’s reputation for excellence and quality is established from our ability to consistently execute and deliver successful projects. Our employees have hundreds of years of combined experience in real estate development that will be used to make your project come to life.

We have the resources to make your project a success and the ability to build your dream into a reality.


Design/Build Services

NCI specializes in turnkey design/build contract delivery. Design/Build gives you the ability to contract with a single entity for design and construction of your project. It provides for a team approach that integrates you, the designers, and the constructors in the process. The end result is a project that efficiently responds to your needs and expectations, budget, and schedule.


Contract Manager/General Contractor Contracting

NCI has a very successful background in CM/GC contracting. CM/GC is an integrated contracting delivery method that provides many of the benefits of design/build service. The notable difference is that you contract separately with the design team and the general contractor. This method provides for a team approach which relies more heavily on management by the client, giving you more control.


Design-Bid-Build Contracting

While we are a proponent of the integrated contracting methods, much of our work is done through traditional design-bid-build contracting.


Logistical Challenges/Remote Site Projects

NCI has over 25 years of experience successfully delivering logistically challenging remote site projects throughout Alaska. Using the full range of contracting methods NCI has delivered over twenty-five K-12 School projects, airport upgrades and construction, major civil projects, utilities, tank farms, and teacher and low income housing throughout our state.


Development Services

NCI offers complete development services. Available services include; land acquisition, finance packaging, facility programming, permitting, design and construction. Long term lease agreements are available.

For more information : http://www.neeserdevelopment.com


Civil Site Work

We have an in-house civil division that offers statewide full-service civil site work capabilities.


Our Project expertise includes:

  • Medical Facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Laboratories
    • Operatories
    • Medical Office Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
    • High, Middle, and Elementary Schools
    • K-12 Schools
    • Urban, Suburban, Rural, and Remote Sites.
  • Correctional Facilities
    • Jails
    • Prisons
    • Halfway Houses
    • Court Facilities
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • High Rise Combined Use Projects
  • Civic and Convention Centers
  • Large Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Dormitory, Barracks, and Commercial Multiplex Housing
  • Veterinary Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Eateries/Commercial Kitchens
  • Industrial Laundries