Natural Pantry

The Natural Pantry is a 45,000 SF single story retail establishment with parking for 175 vehicles and a new bus stop and bus shelter located near corner of 36th and A Street.  Direct sidewalk access between the bus stop and the store is provided for costumer convenience.

Other outside amenities include heated sidewalks, sidewalk canopies and outdoor covered and uncovered Patio area. The building shell is one story consisting mostly of masonry exteriors and structural steel framing supporting the roof structure framed with steel joist and girders with metal decking.

A predominate main entry connecting to a tall curved Juice and Coffee bar  section are of structural steel and steel stud construction.  The canopies and patio roofs are a combination of structural steel and Parallam Wood, beams and columns.  Exterior finishes consist of colored, ground face, fluted split face, standard face CMU. Areas where the structural steel and steel stud constructions is utilized consist of either Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) or a weather screen wall system finished with a horizontal configuration of Composite Solid Phenolic Panels.