Foussard EconLab  Testimonial

Foussard EconLab

To Whom It May Concern:

We became acquainted with Neeser Construction Company, of Anchorage, Alaska during 1984, when we were in the process of developing a project for two of the premiere hotels in Anchorage.

We subsequently entered into a business arrangement with Neeser Construction where we provided the design work on a special construction building and Neeser Construction built the building and managed the construction phase for us. Construction started in September, 1984, and the plant was completed and operational by February 1, 1985.

Since our business is the development, design, build and operations of commercial and industrial laundries, we develop a number of these projects, nationally, during the course of the year.

We found the management and supervision of everyone at Neeser Construction extremely conscientious and thoroughly helpful throughout the project.

Budgets were developed and adhered to. Development times and schedules were developed and adhered to. Construction management objectives were developed and adhered to.

We would highly endorse the entire organization at Neeser Construction… the single most important testament that could be made “would we use them again?” and the answer would be, without equivocation, a resounding yes.

Respectfully submitted,

Glen P. Phillips
Viee President
Sales and Marketing

-Glen P. Phillips, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Foussard EconLab