GCI Northern Lights  Testimonial

Interior Solutions Group, Inc.

Dear Mr. Neeser:

On behalf of Interior Solutions Group, Inc. I would like to express how much we thoroughly enjoyed working with your staff on the new GCI Northern Lights Retail Facility. The professional team effort of your staff greatly attributed to the success of the interior design portion of this project.

We would like to express our gratitude to Cal Myrick specifically, because with his expertise, our design ideas became reality. We have provided GCI design services for the past nine years, and in that time I can assure you that this project has pleased them the most. I attribute this to the entire team of subcontractors who worked on this project.

Once again, Interior Solutions Group, Inc. Thanks you for making the interior design phase of this project a success not only for GCI but also for us. We look forward to working with you on future projects.


Lynn Barrett, ASID

-Lynn Barrett, ASID, Interior Solutions Group, Inc. (GCI Northern Lights Retail Facility)