Juneau Office Building  Testimonial

Capital Development Partners

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Gerald E. Neeser, President of Neeser Construction, Inc., requested a letter from us outlining the performance of his company when it served as General Contractor for our 1983 building project.

Let me begin by saying that we reviewed many general contractors prior to selecting Neeser Construction. Three primary reasons led to its selection:

1. Its bid was meticulously detailed and rigorous thus allowing a high degree of accountability measure.

2. It came highly recommended with respect to its ability to remain within both a time and dollar budget.

3. It appeared to be as excited as we were to engage in a project with an unusual design and difficult setting.

We were not disappointed with our selection! In fact we cannot praise Neeser Construction enough. Jerry Neeser, personally, associated himself intimately with our project acting as a perfect liaison among our architect, the subcontractors, and myself who acted as managing partner. I am confident that the excellent relationship fostered by NCI with our architect helped ensure the excellent results in our building.

Our project consisted of a 20,000 square foot, two level, masonry, steel, and frame building sited upon a heavily treed below grade triangular lot located at one of Juneau’s busiest intersections. June 1 marked the project’s beginning, and Neeser promised completion by late November. The first tenant moved in on December 7. Most frustrating to NCI was occupancy would have been earlier if the door supplier had met his delivery deadline; he missed it by two weeks.

The precision of the dollar budget was even more startling! During the course of the project we in the partnership changed our minds a couple of times resulting in two major change orders. At completion because NCI passed through many savings which they realized during construction, these change orders resulted in only $30,000 in excess of our original budget. Since the building was pegged at $1,670,000 this was an increase of under two percent. We were well satisfied.

Juneau being a small community and this being NCI’s first job here, they were under close scrutiny by all. Those watching most closely, of course, were the local subcontractors. They have, to a man, reported to me that NCI and most especially Jerry Neeser and his job superintendent, Royal Field, were the finest, most reliable, and honest company and people they had ever worked for, I am confident that when NCI returns to Juneau, the line of hopeful subcontractors will stretch to the horizon. Additionally, our tenants and the public at large constantly complement us on the excellent craftsmanship represented in our building. We believe it is the finest in Juneau.

That is not to say that minor problems have not arisen subsequent to completion. What we find commendable is NCI did not simply disappear at project close, but has continued to assist us in remedying these problems, frequently at their own expense. Let me assure you that this is an invaluable contribution when, like I, one has not been involved with a project of this magnitude .

To recap, Neeser Construction, Inc., completed our project on time, within budget, and with craftsmanship, competency, and a professionalism far exceeding normal expectations. We of Capital Development Partnership unhesitatingly recommend their services.

Sincerely yours,

Alan R. Latham
Managing Partner

-Alan R. Latham, Managing Partner, Capital Development Partnership