South Anchorage High School  Testimonial

Anchorage School District


Yak’ei Award of Excellence

South Anchorage High School was the first new high school within the Anchorage School District in nearly 30 years. It was designed for education in the 21st century which is reflected in its forward-thinking, youthful appearance.

The 50 acre campus is on a wooded site with an 80 foot slope drop. The site provides all program requirements while minimizing visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood. The building form and materials present a simple, natural modern aesthetic. Finishes were selected for durability and cost effectiveness. Environmentally sustainable design measures provide a combination of a healthy indoor environment and long-term savings.

SAHS was one of three top candidates internationally considered for the prestigious MacConnell Award given by the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International. The MacConnell Award recognizes significant contributions to the profession of planning educational facilities and school facility excellence.

In addition to the MacConnell Award, the school’s architects, ECI/HYER Architecture and Interiors, received a Citation Award from the American Association of School Administrators for the design of South Anchorage High School. The recognition acknowledges a student and community-oriented facility, a dual-focus Commons area, the pallet of sophisticated materials, and the use of art and natural light as strong points of the design.

The South Anchorage High School project was also honored by the American Institute of Architects, Alaska Honor Award for excellence in design. The AIA awards jury commented, “The client is clearly taking education seriously in their community and the architect in turn created a sense of place that will encourage ties to Anchorage.”

Congratulation to the following members of the SAHS design and construction team.

Design Team: ECI/HYER Architecture and Interiors
ASD Facilities staff (during the project period):
o Ray Amsden, ASD Design Manager
o Mike Price, ASD Construction Manager,
o Rob Balivet, ASD Design Stage Project Manager
o Dave Rein, ASD Construction Stage Project Manager General Contractor: Neeser Construction

It is requested the School Board recognize the South Anchorage High School design team for its outstanding work in creating a learning environment that students, staff and the community can be proud of for many decades to come.

-Heidi Embley, Communications Specialist , South Anchorage High School